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Start-Up Cohort’ & ‘XR Technologies For Start-Up Roadshow’ Launched In Manipur on 06-10-2022

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Imphal 6th Oct 2022: The Manipur Chief Minister – N. Biren Singh today launched the ‘Start-Up Cohort of Start Up Manipur’ and ‘Extended Reality (XR) technologies for Start-Up Roadshow’ at the Imperial Hall of Classic Grande in Imphal.

Addressing the launching ceremony, the Manipur CM noted that “We have the potential and resources, especially human resources, but we are not exploring or utilizing it properly.”

He stated that the initial start-up initiatives commenced by the state government, were a success in helping many local entrepreneurs and inventors realize their aspirations, paving the way for Manipur to become self-sufficient.

“Every ministries have been cooperative and supportive towards the state and expecting more, because Manipur is marching ahead,” – he added.

The CM has also expressed gratitude towards all concerned stakeholders, including the Sikkim Manipal University, NITI Aayog, Manipur Technical University for bringing the world into the tiny state of Manipur through Meta; and mentioned that “involvement of Meta means the whole world is looking”.

Besides, the launching ceremony of “Start-Up Cohort of Start Up Manipur and Extended Reality (XR) technologies for Start-Up Roadshow” was hosted by the Start-Up Incubation Centre -Manipur Technical University and Atal Incubation Centre-Sikkim Manipal University Technology Business Incubation Foundation; and was supported by the state Planning Department.

Taking to social media platforms, the Manipur CM wrote “Delighted to launch the Start-Up Cohort of Start Up Manipur and Extended Reality (XR) technologies for Start-Up Roadshow. The initial start-up programs of the state government have been successful in realizing the dreams of many state entrepreneurs and innovators, thereby laying the path for Manipur towards self-reliance. The addition of Meta’s XR Startup program will further open doors toward realizing many hidden potentials among the youths.”

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