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The Startup Incubation Center celebrated World Entrepreneurship Day on 25-08-2023. The celebration witnessed 50 students participants and 10 Faculty Members of Manipur Technical University. Motivational talks were provided by Mr. Aeroshil Nameirakpam ,Founder Nibiaa Devices Pvt. Ltd and Dr. Premlata Longjam, Professor Manipur University.

The celebration was held under the theme "SWAVALAMBI BHARAT ABHIYAN" with the following objectives:

  1. Promote Entrepreneurship: One of the primary objectives is to promote entrepreneurship as a viable and valuable career choice. It encourages individuals to explore entrepreneurship as a means of creating economic value and driving innovation.

  2. Celebrate Entrepreneurs: World Entrepreneurship Day celebrates the achievements and innovations of entrepreneurs from various fields. It highlights their successes, stories, and the positive impact they have on their communities and the world.

  3. Inspire Future Entrepreneurs: The day aims to inspire and motivate future entrepreneurs, particularly among the youth, by showcasing real-life success stories and providing resources and support for aspiring business owners.

  4. Highlight Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: It emphasizes the importance of nurturing and supporting entrepreneurial ecosystems, including access to funding, mentorship, education, and a conducive business environment.

  5. Foster Collaboration: World Entrepreneurship Day often encourages collaboration among entrepreneurs, startups, established businesses, government agencies, and support organizations to foster innovation and economic growth.

  6. Raise Awareness: It raises awareness about the challenges and opportunities faced by entrepreneurs, including issues related to funding, regulatory environments, and market access.

  7. Promote Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Some initiatives associated with World Entrepreneurship Day focus on sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship, encouraging businesses to consider environmental and social impact in their operations.

  8. Global Networking: The day serves as a platform for global networking and knowledge sharing among entrepreneurs and stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  9. Advocate for Policy Changes: In some cases, World Entrepreneurship Day is used to advocate for policy changes that can support and enhance the entrepreneurial environment, such as tax incentives or regulatory reforms.

  10. Showcase Innovation: It highlights the role of entrepreneurship in driving innovation, technological advancements, and economic growth.

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